About Us

Team Savage MMA is a testament to the enduring spirit of Sergio "The Savage" Da Silva, a talented fighter and beloved figure in the martial arts community. When Sergio tragically passed away on December 19, 2020, his brother, Lucas Da Silva, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, made a solemn promise to their mother during the wake. He vowed to honor Sergio's memory by preserving his legacy and continuing to impact their community in Queens, Astoria, New York. Lucas Da Silva's journey began with a heartfelt commitment to realizing his brother's vision. Starting from nothing and with Hugh McKenna by his side at all times, he rented a small space in the BQE gym in Queens, Astoria. With unwavering determination, Lucas began to transform the humble space into a training ground for aspiring fighters, carrying the torch of Sergio's passion for mixed martial arts. As the demand for their training grew, Lucas expanded to a dance studio, where he continued to nurture Sergio's students and build a community dedicated to the principles of Team Savage MMA. Over time, their efforts bore fruit, and as the team continued to flourish, Lucas seized the opportunity to open a dedicated MMA gym at 31-21 31st Street in Queens, Astoria, NY. The growth of Team Savage MMA was further fueled by the timely arrival of Enrique Lopez, who joined forces with Lucas to support the expansion of the gym. Together with fighters from Long Island MMA, they have worked tirelessly to keep Sergio's dream alive, ensuring that his legacy continues to thrive. The unwavering support of Long Island MMA has been a crucial element in the success of Team Savage MMA. Pro MMA fighters and kickboxers from Long Island MMA have generously shared their expertise, enriching the training programs and fostering a culture of excellence within the gym. Throughout this journey, Lucas's mother, Sheila Sobrinho, has been an instrumental force in the day-to-day operations of Team Savage MMA. Her commitment to providing exceptional customer service and guidance has helped to cultivate an environment where every member feels like part of a tight-knit family, rather than just a gym. Team Savage MMA stands not only as a place of physical training but also as a living tribute to Sergio's indomitable spirit. Through the dedication of Lucas, the support of the community, and the guidance of experienced mentors, Team Savage MMA continues to thrive as a beacon of martial arts excellence and a testament to the enduring impact of one man's vision.



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In Memory of Sergio "The Savage" Da Silva, a true warrior in and outside the cage. This one is for you champ. We will fight together till eternity. You will never be forgotten, your legacy lives.